"Cromwells" is a small cottage industry based in Robin Hood's Bay. It started as an idea for a pine furniture shop when Keith and his partner were doing the Coast to Coast walk in September 1997 - and opened for business later that year.

The name "Cromwells" came from Keith's life long interest in Oliver Cromwell (1599-1658), Lord Protector of England. Hence the Roundhead's helmet as our business logo. Setting up the pine shop was challenging, exciting and fun and the business was very successful - however Keith soon found he needed another interest to keep himself occupied whilst being a shopkeeper.

A friend lent Keith some pyrography equipment - which is the creative art of burning pictures and designs on wood, using a variety of very hot nibs for different effects. As well as enjoying pyrography, it soon became clear that Keith had a natural artistic talent for this craft.

One of his first pieces was a plaque to celebrate the recent Coast to Coast walk - and when other walkers saw the plaque... ...well, the rest is history! We said goodbye to the pine furniture and concentrated on plaques to celebrate walks, bike rides and many other achievements.