Individually Hand Made
Celebrate your walk, bike ride or any other achievement with a hand crafted plaque from Cromwells. Each plaque is individually hand crafted to order and personalised to your requirements.

Designs are hand burnt on 10 inch oval sycamore plaques (unless stated otherwise) using the pyrography method, then finished in wax and hand polished. Cromwells has a selection of standard designs which are requested regularly, however if you have a design which you would prefer please send it to us and we'll see if it's suitable for pyrography.

Delivery is normally 28 days. However in peak periods this may extend to 6 weeks. If delivery is likely to be longer than 6 weeks we will email you. If you need the plaque for a special occasion, e.g. a birthday, please email us so we can let you know if we're able to meet your deadline.

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Custom Design Plaques
We aim to make customised plaques for any walk or achievement, anywhere in the world, based on your design.

The price for a Custom Design Plaque will depend on your requirements. We will discuss this with you on receipt of your enquiry Please feel free to you can also call us prior to ordering on 07854 383137 to duscuss your plaque or alternatively you can email us at

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